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History of The Bonded Family Ministry

Sometimes God let's people 'take their mess...and turn it into His message'.

That is our story.  God is Good.  All the Time.

Scripture states that God hates divorce.  We understand why.   Anyone who has ever experienced the breakup of a family can perhaps understand God's message on divorce.  God's original design for the family works best.  He knows the pain divorce creates.  The tearing of a family often brings with it bigger trials and tribulations, causing a ripple effect in the walk of life that God, as our loving Heavenly Father would not choose for us.  However, our world is replete with divorce.  We believe that God is not into scrapping people, He's into redeeming them.  It's never too late to turn our eyes toward Him and seek healing, restoration and a relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

The message for you to remember right now...is that God is a God of second chances.
You, your family, your new marriage and your children can all find a way to 'bond' to God and as a result of that bond, bond to each other.  There is a way.  We'd like to share a Biblical message of Encouragement, Hope, Inspiration, Motivation and Biblical Insight to all those who've found themselves in the midst of divorce trials.


It was in 1995 when God went to work and set forth the events that now lead you to be reading this very story, right now, this moment.  God is a God of 'no coincidences'. Dan was a single Dad of two young children in Shawnee, KS.   Rebecca was an Overland Park, KS single Mom, raising her three children, and working at home. 

Dan and Rebecca had no knowledge or connections to each other.  Different towns. Busy schedules. They both loved their children with all their hearts.  They both struggled with the effects of divorce on their families, and the weight of being single parents.

Shawnee Councilman Parent Expo 1995 -large-2.jpgDan, a City Councilman in Shawnee, KS had organized a free 'Parenting Expo' open to the public.  This event was sponsored by Shawnee city leaders. One of the two keynote speakers, Dr. Ken Canfield, shared that he had done similar conferences for state agencies but 'never saw a small local community put one on'.  He encouraged Dan in that "you might be the first City Councilman in the nation to do this...you should 'research it and get the city highlighted".  Excited to hear that, Dan didn't have a way to do that.

Two weeks later the Johnson County Sun Newspapers published a 'Women in Business' section.  Rebecca and her unique home based electronic political research company, was highlighted as a tool for media research (print, television and radio), legal and financial data.  When Dan saw the article, he called Rebecca.

Though her fees were too high, and the Councilman had no budget for paid research, Dan's perseverance didn't waver.  He called Rebecca again on a Saturday morning and asked more questions.  Rebecca mentioned that he might find much of what he needed by accessing "this new thing called 'the internet'."  About that time Dan's two year old son began screaming for his Father's attention at the highest level, with an ever helpful 4 year old daughter trying to assist Daddy by pulling on the tyke.  Rebecca commented, "I can wait if you'd like to go and get Mom".  Snell laughed and retorted 'Mom's new husband might not appreciate her spending weekends at Dad's house I'm sure'.  After a long pause, Rebecca said,  'Oh, I understand, I am a single Mom working from home, too.  I can wait.'   Something began that moment... thanks to the effervescent screaming of a two year old perhaps.

Rebecca Dan Blended Family Ministry 1995.jpg
A few weeks later, Dan and Rebecca met face to face.  They met at the Johnson County Library while Rebecca was on a research quest, and Councilman Snell decided he 'needed a book on good governing', or perhaps some other good reason he acknowledges with a big smile today. 
They married in August of 1996.  They knew there could be, would be trials in bringing two families together as one.  They also knew that Christ must be the foundation of their marriage and family.

Aug 3 1996-2.jpgTogether, on that wedding day they instantly had a family of seven via their five children. The children (then ages 3, 4, 5, 9 and 12) took part in the marriage ceremony.  A year after their marriage, they had another...and then there were six.  Yours, Mine and Ours.

Blending the children was the easiest part.  From first meeting on the children found a joy in their new found friend and 'brother and sister' relationships. 

The challenges were there. The outside influences, society branding, financial trials, co-parenting relationships and all the other issues that go along with the dynamics of blending a family.  They could see clearly the spiritual warfare message found in John 10:10.  "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."  NASB

Through joys and trials of their blended family experience, with no readily available Christian resources for blended families available at the time, they found themselves on their knees often in prayer... together seeking the Lord in times of tremendous praise and joy and yes the deep challenges and dynamics of step-family life. They were looking for help. 

To their amazement, they found that God began to lead them, guide them, and direct their paths....  His word began living in their lives.  The Holy Spirit was at work.  God showed them how to love and 'bond' to Him, and then through that 'bond', love each other and all their children.  The experience was so incredible to Dan and Rebecca, that they made it their life goal to walk alongside others in their blended family experiences.

Through the encouragement of Dr. Dan Erickson, nationally recognized speaker and author of 'Finding Your Greater Yes', and people like Dr. Ken Canfield, as well as family therapists, attorneys and even court system mediators, the vision for a faith-based message was born.
God then went to work in Dan and Rebecca.  They dove deep into the Word of God, seeking references and scripture to address the common challenges and dynamics of life.
He led them to 'take their mess and turn it into His message'.  

They have seen first hand that God could bind two people to Himself and as a result, bind their marriage together.  Through that cord of three strands...they would not fail.  

Dan and Rebecca acknowledge and rejoice that God has allowed them to learn as much through their mistakes in stepfamily life, as they have from their victories and successes.  

Their goal is to see healing in families where their has been brokenness...so that the future, will not look like the past...and that the children, by understanding and watching who God was and what He can do in their lives...would be better equipped for their own marriages one day. 

Dan and Rebecca feel called to share with other families what God has shared with them.
They want to change the face of blended families, divorce and brokenness for children, extending their vision to leave a legacy that echoes in eternity for millions of families.

A LEGACY that says "Keep your eyes on God...not eyes on self".

GOD CAN take your step-family..."From Broken to Blended to BONDED."

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